The Inquisition

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A pair of identical twins are imprisoned together by the Spanish Inquisition, quite unexpectedly I might add. Since they had a habit of finishing each other's sentences, certain suspicious church officials who greatly coveted the land they owned accused them of having given themselves to the Dark Lord in exchange for the ability to communicate with each other telepathically. Of course, the church officials didn't really believe that, but they knew Torquemada would take it seriously.

Eventually, the Grand High Inquisitor and the two covetous officials enter the cell. The GHI proclaims: "In a moment, guards will come and take you into two separate cells where you cannot see or hear one another, where they will flip a coin for each of you. After looking at your own coins, you must guess whether your twin's coin landed heads or tails. If you are both correct, we know you have sold your souls in exchange for involuntary telepathic communication, for which we must then...forcibly absolve you of your sins. If one of you is wrong, then we will set you free." "Oh Lord, that will not do," said one of the greedy bishops. "What if they are able to suppress the ability? We must repeat the experiment until they lose the ability to suppress it!" This bishop clearly had some understanding of the laws of probability. "Very well," said Torquemada, "you will repeat the test 100 times. If you fail every time, you will be set free." And then they all swept out of the room.

In the next minute before the guards came in, they came up with a plan that would guarantee their freedom. What was it?

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