Poison detection

Submitted by Cosmologicon 9 years, 2 months ago

Your granddaughter's quinceaƱera is in 4 days, and you've ordered 7,000 flasks of whiskey for the occasion. But a rival gang boss wants to get back at you for dinging his car at the airport last week, so he hires a wizard to sneak into your vault and place an evil curse on the whiskey. Drinking one drop from a cursed flask will turn anyone into a Martian on the third sunup after they drink it.

The wizard got an important text in the middle of his task, so he didn't get to finish. CSI is able to determine that only one flask was cursed, but not which one it was.

How many royal taste testers (oh, I forgot to mention, you're a sultan) do you have to employ to uniquely identify the cursed flask before the party?

(To be clear, there are 4 sunups between now and the party.)

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