Picking up my wife from work.

Submitted by arrggg 7 years, 7 months ago

Because my wife doesn't drive, I drive her to work. Then I go pick her up at exactly 5:00pm, when she get's off work.

Well one day, she decides to leave work early at 4:00pm. Rather than call me, it's a nice day and she decides to walk. So she starts walking in the direction I'll be driving. I see her coming up the road. She gets in the car and we drive home and arrive 20 minutes earlier then we normally do.

Don't forget - I left home at the usual time. I didn't know she was going to leave work an hour early.

Notice: there's no mention of how long I was driving, how fast she walked, or what any of the distances were.

How long was she walking before we met?

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